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Desktop Icons for Windows

Click here for free desktop icons.
-- total count: 881 --

I also offer services as a freelance 3D visualization artist. Below is a sampling of my work.
Some are paid projects and others are just for art's sake.
If you think visualization services can be very expensive, you're right -- but mine are not.
My services cost little to nothing depending on how much I like your project.

Wallpapers For Your Smart Phone

Map Icons for Google Maps

Here's another place to get free desktop icons.

They have a huge selection of fine desktop icons
as well as icons for illustration.

Want to make high-quality desktop icons on your own? I recommend the app I use for icon formatting, Axialis Icon Workshop.
It has many drawing and image manipulation tools if you want to design icons from scratch within the app.

For creating the graphics for my icons there is no app better than Ultimate Paint
-- for getting deep down into individual pixels as well as having the tools you need
for all kinds of image manipulation for other things like photo retouching your favorite photographs.

Easily create favicons for your Web site with Favicon Generator.
Simply "drag & drop" images into it to produce standard-size favicons
for Windows (.ico in 16 x 16 pixels) or you can generate full-sized icons
to individually customize your folders. There's nothing to download or buy
-- this is a free online utility.

Updated September 12th, 2020