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To view a full-sized image from a thumbnail, tap a thumbnail. To install as a wallpaper, press and hold on the full-sized image untill a requester pops up, then select "Set as wallpaper," whence you are taken to a preview display. A bounding box appears within the image. The bounding box is square and so are all of the images. Move and expand the bounding box untill it covers the entire image, then press "Save." Then press the "Home" button to see how the new wallpaper looks on your phone's Home screen.

A press-and-hold on the full image will also give you the option of saving the image to your phone rather than installing it right away. To install a saved image later go to Settings | Personalize | Wallpaper | Gallery | All photos, then select the image you want by pressing its thumbnail image. When the full image is displayed with the bounding box then proceed in the same way as if you were installing it directly from the Internet; expand the box to cover the entire image, click save and go to Home to see the result.

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If you're interested in the making of these wallpapers and the design approach to them,
(especially if you've been considering making your own) click here

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