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To use the map icons on this site, have the Google "My Map" you're working on open in a browser. You must click the red "EDIT" button in order to go into editing mode, which allows you to change descriptions and icons for your map points. Have another instance of your browser open with the icon page so that you can switch back and forth between the two browser windows. When Google prompts you to enter a URL for a new icon, switch to the icon page and click on the desired icon -- a pop-up window will appear with the URL of it along with an image of it (for sight verification). Note: Javascript/Active X Control must be enabled for this to work. Copy the URL and paste it into the Google prompt after "http://" -- press "OK."

NOTE: After clicking an icon to get it's URL from a pop-up window, it is recommended that you close the pop-up before trying to open another one. The reason is because after you click on any other window the pop-up moves below the top screen and stays below it even if you keep loading stuff into it -- so it's there but hidden by other screens. If you click an icon but you don't see a pop-up, minimize any other windows untill the old pop-up is revealed, otherwise, it's much easier to just close each one as you use them as every new pop-up will appear on the top screen.

NOTE: --Empty space at the begining of a URL--
The first character in the line that carries the URL is an empty space which I've tried to get rid of but can't. When copying the line, be sure to start right at the first "w" and not include the space before it, otherwise it won't work.
When pasted into the Google prompt it should look like this: http://www.jeffs,   not   http:// www.jeffs

At the lower-left of each icon is a check box. I added this as a convenience if you are creating a map with very many points in one map-making session. You can put a check mark at each icon you've used during a session to keep track of which those are -- so as to not re-use or duplicate icons on your map. The idea is that there are usually enough distinct icons in a given set to give each location its own icon for positive recognition againgst all the others. The check marks are not saved when you close or refresh the page, however whatever icons you've chosen and saved to your map will be loaded from my Web server to your map every time you access it.

The rest of the information on this page is not necessary to read but may be of interest.


Of balloons, these fourteen are all that's available in Google Maps.

I offer the ninety balloons below.

I had an issue with the overlapping of icons as the scale of a map increases -- a way to partially negate this was to make matching sets of three each -- an icon that stands straight up, one that leans to the left and one that leans to the right. As an example, see the three sites below that are literally next door to each other (686, 688 & 690) on Empire Boulevard in Brooklyn, New York. At the 50-foot scale they are all distinct but, at the 2000-foot scale, one icon almost completely obscures the other two. Assigning icons that lean away from each is handy for sites that are relatively close in proximity to each other (and tripled the number of distinct icons to choose from).

That same remedy for overlapping icons was used on all six sets in this collection and is the "tripling factor". Then there's a "doubling factor" as well in some sets like the purple "Daggers" below, having either a solid color on the handle or having black bands on the ends, and a set with new crayons and used crayons in a turquoise group.

There is an app available that will generate shadows for icons used with Google Maps, however, that app won't be necessary for these icons -- the shadows are built into the images via the 32-bit, PNG Image Format (w/transparency). The shadow is simply a black shape that has been made 50% transparent -- so 50% of whatever is behind the shape shows through, thereby simulating a shadow.

How I Came To Be Interested In Map Icons:
In 2011 I began working as a courier, catering to the medical industry. I make pick-ups and deliveries between pathology labs and doctors offices as well as pick-ups and deliveries between pharmacies and their customers. When I first started this courier work I would need to have my dispatchers "route out" my "way stops" in Google Maps. Some GPS systems can do optimized routing too, but I don't need all that -- I just need to see where all the points are and work out a route by hand on a printed map (or on my Smart phone if I need to). However, the variety of the "Standard Google Map Icons" did not meet my needs. I have around twenty "lab" stops and thirty "pharmacy" stops -though I usually do only a handfull from each category each day. I wanted an icon style for the labs that is a differnt style from pharmacies, but with enough variety to cover all the stops with a unique icon. So I made "daggers" for the lab locations and balloons for the pharmacy ones. Then I decided to fill out the collection with five more icon styles and share them with everyone.

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