Candy-colored Folders for Windows XP

These are 32-bit icons with gradient transparency -- no 8-bit formats are included in them.
They will render properly only on Win XP or later systems.
The size formats are 64, 48, 32, 24, 16 pixels.

There are ten styles -- you are looking at the "red" version of each style.
Click an image to see all the colors for the style you want to see.

Plain Set Plain set with drop shadow Gel Set Glow Set Slats Set
Plain Plain w/shadow Gel Glow Slats

Neon Set Bars Set Tinted Glass Set Snake Set Streak Set
Neon Bars Tinted Glass Snake Steaks


The effect of these in a folder window or solid-color desktop isn't much;
they merely take on some of the color of the background.
Here, they're placed on a crosshatch to demonstrate how a background pattern (or picture)
will show through as opposed to a flat color.


These twenty icons can be downloaded only as a whole set.
Right click anywhere on the image and then click 'Save target as' to download this ZIP file.


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