Agent Console

Here is the link to the Agent Console:

Click this link when you are ready to look at your own, actual account. Bookmark the link right away so that you can access it without having to visit this page again.

The link takes you to a page with a log-in box that looks like this:


Below are tips on how to use the Agent Console

It is recommended that you use Firefox browser for accessing the Agent Console -- there can be some malfuctioning of the Console in Internet Explorer. Also, the Agent Console does not display properly on mobile devices -- use your home computer for accessing it.

Once you enter your login data you're taken to a page that looks like the picture below. It opens with a list of all the jobs you've done on the last calendar day you worked.
If the last day you worked is today, then those jobs will be listed and updated in real time as you clear more stops throughout the day.

Payouts are made on Fridays, and are the commissions earned for the pay period ending two Saturdays previous (as illustrated below) -- you are paid on a Friday for the days colored blue.

Previous versions of the Agent Console allowed a user to select from a drop-down menu of Unpaid, Approved and Not Approved Pay Status for searches, as shown below, but this function can now be skipped over.

To do a search, enter the 'From Date' and 'To Date.' You can leave 'Group By' as 'Agent.'
Next, click 'Find' which generates the job list.


By default, jobs are listed in reverse chronological order.
To list them in chronological order, click the word 'Date.'


If you want to check only a single job and you know the job number, enter it and click 'Find.'


To see more details of a specific job, select it by clicking it, whereupon it becomes highlighted. Then click the 'Job Detail' button.

                                            A page is generated that looks like this:

Click the 'Job Review' button to go back to the main screen.

You may also limit your job searches to those jobs having a specific origin, a specific destination or to exclude jobs having a specific origin or destination.
At the bottom-left on the Console, click the 'Find Records' icon.

A dialog box opens:


Use the pop-up selector for these two fields to determine the search criteria.
Enter the search string in the text entry field. Then click the 'Find' button on the dialog box to generate the results.


You may also use multiple search criteria (search rules) in the same search.
To add a rule, click the '+' symbol. To remove a rule, click the '-' symbol for that rule.

In this particular search, only jobs with an origin of either ABC or XYZ Labs, plus jobs which have a destination of Valhalla Urological plus jobs having a STAT service level will be shown, though your typical search needs won't ever be as refined as this one.

You may search for information on any jobs you've done along your entire work history, however, the Agent Console can not list more than five hundred jobs at one time. Normally, you would be using the console to check the jobs you've done on a pay period-to-pay period basis, for which the 500-job limit is adequate being that the number of jobs any contractor does in a single, two-week period is far less than five hundred.

For a list of the pay periods with their payout dates, click here.